Hang-on filter series

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HI430 Hang-on filter


It is stylish and beautiful with waterfall design, imitating the regularity of water flow of nature. It is ultra quiet when it works, only hearing the sound of gurgling water. In addition, it provides adequate oxygen for the fish so that make the fish more active and make the aquarium world more wonderful. The shell is made of ABS new raw material of high quality, which is strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, acid-alkaline resistant and of superior performance. The main parts of filter pump head are all made of imported copper wire. The performance is higher and it is more effective to save power. Pouring glue at the top of pump head and sealing could prevent electric leakage safety risks. Triple filter carbon wool board filtration material is not only easy to replace, but also it’s performance is better. And the high-efficient activated carbon of it is effectively purifying the water quality, making water quality more clear. High-density filter cotton can absorb residual impurities of the fish tank such as fish erbium and so on while high-efficient biochemical cotton could extremely ensure clean water quality. Adjustable flow control valve can regulate the most suitable water flow and dissolving oxygen amount freely so that provides growth for creatures. The hang-on filter with professional oil film processing technology and a unique oil film nozzle design so that make it absorb water film efficiently and rapidly, giving your loved fish the cleanest and warmest home. 


Filter material replacement item: SH-10 
Bio-sponge replacement item: SH-20


  Power 2.5 W
  Q.Max. 350 L/H
  PCS/CTN 20
  Filter material replacement item SH-10
  Bio-sponge replacement item SH-20
  Gross Weight/CTN 13.2
  Volume/box 0.098
  Suitable for fish tank size Max.30L




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