Filter air series

IM-018 water goblins

the high-efficient air filter, only for the existence of the air pump

IM-018 water goblins

The fashionable and beautiful air filter with small size is a super partner of air pump, which could simulate the filtration system of nature. The high-efficient activated carbon of the filter box is effectively purifying the water quality, making water quality more clear. High-density filter cotton can absorb residual impurities of the fish tank such as fish erbium and so on while high-efficient biochemical sponge could extremely ensure clean water quality. And high-quality bubble stone can increase the solubility of oxygen in water to make better effect of oxygen increasing while the bottom of the filter stone could effectively block a lot of particles in water to ensure clean water quality.    


Transparent, pink, blue, green light your different home style.
Filter material replacement item: SI-18


Suitable for fish tank size


Carbon cartridge replacement itemSI-18

Gross Weight/CTN13


With spare parts