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AU314 Air pump

What we produce is not accessories or simple products, but quality and fun


What we produce is not accessories or simple products, but quality and fun. The unique air compression system and shock absorption system, multistage muffler design, has the lowest noise when it works. The air pump is of special synthetic rubber components and constant pressure. Green special shockproof rubber feet, using the original silica gel and stop using recycled materials so that could ensure the shockproof function of the air pump and ensure that no matter how long it places will not leave the imprint of the rubber feet and stains your furniture. Fine adjustment of gas regulation function, you could do whatever you want, even freely adjust it according to your demand for the size of volume.
Single or double outlet could meet your different fish tank needs.
Carefully prepare for you a NI318 suit series including air pump, air tube, check valve, air filter. As soon as it is installed well, it can be used immediately.
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  Product name AU314 Air pump
  Power 3 W
  Flow rate 130 x 2 L/H
  Pressure Max. 200 x 2 Mbar
  Air outlet 2 PCS
  Cable length 0.9 M
  Body replacement item SA-34
  Voltage/Frequency 220~240 V/50Hz
220~240 V/60Hz
100~127 V/60Hz
  Outer box size 54 x 35 x 34 cm
  Weight 19.4 Kg
  Suitable for fish tank size Max. 260 L


With spare parts